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Masthead Image: Junior Harp Course

Junior Harp Course 2010

Photograph of Ben Creighton Griffiths2010 was the 8th year that the Junior Harp Course had taken place. With a mixed level of Junior harpists aged from 9 to 13 years the group benefited from working together to improve their existing harp skills. The students took part in workshops & ensemble performance.

This year the Celebrity Recital, sponsored by Morley Harps, was given by teenager Benjamin Creighton Griffiths, who was a student on the ianugral course and is now performing internationally. The course finished with a student concert.

There were plenty of leisure activities to provide a well balanced course. The students enjoyed T-shirt printing, swimming, treasure hunt, jewellery making, nature trail, team games, BBQ and quiz.

Previous years activities have included bouncy castle, disco, orienteering, celebrity masterclasses, and our famous dressing up game.