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Masthead Image: teenage Harp Course

Teenage Harp Course 2016

2015 Course Tutors Eleanor Turner, Ruth Faber and Keziah Thomas
2016 Course Tutors (left to right)
Ruth Faber, Keziah Thomas and Eleanor Turner

Harp Course for teenage children aged 13 - 18
(grade 4 standard and above)

Harp coaching by:-
Ruth Faber, Eleanor Turner and Keziah Thomas
Maximum number of students 18.


Registration is at 2.00pm on 9th August 2016 with the first event commencing at 3.00pm.

The course is designed for teenage children aged 13-18 years old. Students will work in small groups on technique and solo repertoire. Each student has a practice room, and the opportunity to take part in a harp maintenance workshop run by William Hornby.

Leisure activities include shopping in Clarks Village, a visit to Glastonbury Tor and the use of the school's sport facilities. There will be a celebrity recital by Eleanor Turner and the course will end with a student concert followed by the presentation of the Bow Brand Progress Prize.

Celebrity Concert

Harp Recital by visiting tutor - 7.30pm 10th August 2016 - Eleanor Turner
The concert is open to public. Tickets available on the door. For further information contact Ruth Faber

Student Concert

The course will end with a student concert starting at 3.00pm, to which parents are welcome to attend, followed by the presentation of the Bow Brand progress prizes.


Millfield Senior School