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Ruth Faber Harp Courses- Testimonials


I just want to say thank you for running the harp course online.  Isla really enjoyed it; a great experience for her!  It was all so well organised and the bits of playing Isla allowed me to hear sounded like a great mix of music.  
Sue - Online Teenage Course 2020

Just a short note to thank you, Eleanor and Keziah for all your hard work in arranging the course and for all the tutoring and support in all classes.  Heledd has thoroughly enjoyed it and has worked hard on arranging her pop song today.. enjoying every minute of it!! She really has had a great time and we are delighted she has been able to participate as very often she is involved with Eisteddfod activities around about the same time as your course and is unfortunately unable to do both.
Sian - Online Teenage Course 2020

I just wanted to drop you a line to say a massive thank you for running the online course this weekend.  Evelyn went into it feeling really down because of all her music courses being cancelled this year.  However the course has really lifted her spirits.  She is now back to her constantly humming and singing self! 
Jacqui - Online Teenage Course 2020

I wanted to write to thank you all for your time, expertise and, given the circumstances, resourcefulness in running the harp course over the past few days. It has been wonderful seeing Emilia re-energised and really enjoying her harp playing. All of you, along with her fellow participants, inspired, motivated and introduced her to new aspects of music making both solo and collaboratively (with technology thrown in!).  It has been a difficult few months for everyone, and I’m sure she’s not alone in having found it hard to keep motivated with cancelled exams, festivals and tours. The course was wonderful - both in its timing and content. 
Katie - Online Teenage Course 2020

Thank you for another fantastic teenage harp course!!! Sophia was also somewhat sceptical at first, but now she is so happy that she took part. She had only had two lessons since March, so it was very good for her to get some intensive harp tuition.
Barbara - Online Teenage Course 2020

Thank you so much for the fantastic course.   It really was a very slick IT operation indeed, much more impressive than my son's prep schools shambolic attempt at online learning.  Therefore huge, huge congratulations are due to you all. Tahlia thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just the bit of motivation she needed mid summer.
Kelly - Online Teenage Course 2020

I wanted to say a huge thank you for my first very special virtual teenage harp course. I had a fantastic five days.
Ruby - Online Teenage Course 2020

She really enjoyed the harp course with you, and said tonight that she loves it because it is challenging and inspires her to work harder and tackle different styles of music. From a personal point of view, it's been lovely hearing Summertime and Memory climbing the stairs whilst I'm working.
Sam - Online Teenage Course 2020

Thank you so much for the last 5 years, they’ve been the best.
Tristan - Teenage Course 2019

This was so much fun and unforgettable! Thanks again so much for this amazing experience.
Emma (USA) - Teenage Course 2019

It’s been the highlight of my year every year and makes me so sad that it’s my last. It’s been a fantastic 9 years!
Rhodri - Teenage Course 2019

Thank you so much I really enjoyed everything.
Defne (Turkey) - Teenage course 2019

Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful camp! I have loved everything from the brilliant concert by Ellie and Keziah to the fun ensemble piece. I know it takes a lot of work to put these camps on and I am so grateful of your dedication.
Jane (USA) - Teenage Course 2019

I wanted to write to say thank you for a wonderful course. Clarissa has come back with wonderful stories and new friends. Clarissa has been playing the harp for just under a year and therefore it was wonderful for me to see her playing with so many young harpists.
And a great experience for her!
Many thanks to you and your wonderful team.
Lucy - Junior Course 2018

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and the team for a wonderful harp course. Megan had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She has already asked if she can come again next year!
Thanks again
Kate - Junior Course 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you for the AMAZING harp course you put on last week. I can honestly say, out of the four or five music courses I have attended over the years, this has by far been the best. I will definitely be coming again next year. I would like to say a big thank you to Ruth for my individual lesson, as everything I learnt during that time has helped me loads in learning the Britten Ceremony of Carols.
A final thank you to All of you, for putting so much into this course and making it so enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you next year.
Alex - Teen Course 2018

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful course this week. Helena was initially a bit nervous about joining much older girls but it was a lovely warm atmosphere, very friendly and she thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s really been a super experience to join such an enthusiastic and inspiring team of teachers and students.
Thank you very much.
Michelle - Teenage Course 2018

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Alex.  He clearly had an amazing time, thanks to you, Ellie and Keziah. He has done a number of holiday courses over the years, but said that this was by far the best both from a learning and engagement perspective.  He said he would be very keen to come again next year.
Thanks to all of you for a really wonderful experience.
Isabel - Teenage Course 2018

This is just a short email to say thank you. Matthew had a really great time on the course and I can't believe how much work was covered in such a short amount of time.
Andrea – Junior Course 2017

Bella loved the course this year and will be attending next year.
Kacey – Junior Course 2017

Thank you so much Charlotte had a fab time, she has chatted all the way home non-stop and has already written three pen pal letters and posted them! PS She wants to come next year so book her on.
Angela - Junior Course 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much for having Arabella on your wonderful harp course - she really enjoyed every minute of it and I think it has re-energized her attitude towards playing being surrounded by so many other young players for 3 days! We were also surprised by how much she enjoyed the boarding aspect - it was a fun sleep-over as far as she was concerned!
Nicola – Junior Course 2017

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for offering Anna the opportunity to join the harp camp this summer. She had a remarkable time and it also helped build her confidence.
Natalya - Junior Course 2016

Thank you very much for the time and care you have given me on the harp course. I have learnt many new skills and I hope to use them soon. I enjoyed the course immensely.
Enlli – Junior Course 2016

Thank you for running the harp course I loved playing the jazz and pop for the first time in a group.
Lydia – Teenage Course 2016

Anna had a great time on the course - thank you so much for finding her a late place. She has been bubbling over with enthusiasm for all the new techniques, tips and repertoire she learned, and really appreciated the friendly, welcoming atmosphere - she seemed to settle in quickly.
Penny – Teenage Course 2016

Please also thank Jo and Lindsay – Ottilie said they were perfect houseparents. We feel very fortunate that Ottilie has had such a wonderful opportunity to play with so many other harpists.
Andrew and Katie – Junior Course 2015

I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to you and team for such a wonderful Junior Harp Course.  Armorel had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She learnt a lot about playing with others on the harp, the first time she has experienced this and the concert was a great showcase of the students' achievements during the week. Anna – Junior Course 2015

Thank you again for organising this week's Junior Harp Course - Lucy had a wonderful time, thoroughly enjoying the music making, activities and company. She's asked me to thank you and to say that she enjoyed absolutely everything and to let you know, she'd like to come along next year too.  She really had a great time!
Sarah-Jane – Junior Course 2015

Just wanted to thank you again for running such a wonderful harp camp this year, which Mathilde enjoyed very much!
Kamran – Teenage Course 2015

After 5 years that have gone by, it’s very sad for me to think that this is my last year. There are many memories that will stay with me forever and I can’t thank you enough for giving me summers that were worthwhile. If it wasn’t for this camp, I wouldn’t have become the person that I am today.
Dominique – Teenage Course 2015

I can't believe my last course is over! I hope the fact that I have continued to come for 10 years shows how much I enjoy it.
Eva - Teenage Course 2014

I didn't get the opportunity to thank you personally, but many thanks for your input this week. Freya has had a very rewarding four days and enjoyed herself immensely in a wonderful environment!
Nick - Teenage Course 2014

I am writing to say a huge thank you for having Abi on your harp course. As ever, she had a great time and has come home motivated and happy. She really loved working with Ellie and found her concert totally inspiring. It has also helped her to define the type of music she really wants to play.
Amanda - Teenage Course 2014

Truff’s comment on it was that it was ‘inspirational, I realise what I could do if I practised for an hour a day'. So I am deeply grateful that there was a place for her.
Priscilla - Teenage Course 2014

I think you are wonderful to organise such a lovely, uplifting and useful course. Well done and thank you for everything.
Sybille - Junior Course 2014

Thank you so much for letting me come on the harp course. I had so much fun and please let me come back next year.
Charlotte - Junior Course 2014

Lydia has had a fantastic time yet again on the Junior Harp Course - thank you so much to you and to Lindsay and Jo for all your hard work, organisation and enthusiasm. It is a tremendous experience for all the young people.
Isabelle - Junior Course 2014

Thank you for organising the course, everyone appreciates your help with playing including me.
Lydia - Junior Course 2014

Every summer I look foward to harp camp because everyone involved inspire me so much and make me a better player. I just had to thank you for your love and support! Dominique - Teenage Course 2013

Just a short note to say thank you for all your hard work making the Junior Harp Course such a success. Rosanna was very pleased with how it went for her, both musically and socially. This was one of the best parts of her summer. Peter Junior Course 2013

Once again many thanks for making Lily's visit to Monkton so enjoyable. She always comes home enthusiastic, looking forward to next year's course. For what its worth, she highly rated Monkton. Tony Junior Course 2013

A huge thank you for the wonderful harp course that you ran with such talent, kindness and efficiency. Charlotte obviously had a great time. we heard many wonderful accounts of the magnificent breakfasts (with waffle!), the freezing swimming pool, the beautiful garden, the yoga games and the harp lessons. Her first stay away from us meant a great deal for her and for us and I know that Dona, and I gather in particular Lindsey, were extra super kind in drying tears at night and comforting our sensitive little girl. They are fantastic! A big big big thank you and bravo!!! Sybille Junior Course 2013

We wanted to thank you for providing the girls with such a wonderful opportunity. Mathilde has had a lot of fun and truly enjoyed the opportunity to play with her friends. It was - as always- a most valuable experience! Laurence Teenage Course 2013

I just wanted to say what a fabulous time I had at the teenage harp course. I've been on so many trips, courses and camps but I can't remember one where I've met so many new friends and learnt so much! I particularly enjoyed the pop harp and jazzy ensemble sessions and the trips to Clarks Village and the Glastonbury Tor (even though we did disturb the peace a little!) The accommodation and food was brilliant and I'll DEFINITELY be back next year...can't wait! Emily 2012

Catherine, once again, had a fantastic time on the harp course this year. Thank you for looking after her so superbly and providing her with such as interesting and stimulating few days. Jo 2012

Another super year, thank you very much - Eva, once again, came away from the harp course "fired up" for grade 7. She not only enjoys the playing but loves the friendly atmosphere you create. Christine 2012

Thank you very much for a lovely harp course. I had such a brilliant time I didn't want to leave!. I'll definitely come again next year. I really enjoyed meeting new people and playing the harp in a big group. Jess 2012

Thank you very much for the wonderful time my son had on your course over the past few days. He has come back so excited about his harp playing and the new music he has. In fact he had such a wonderful time on the course I was hoping to book in for next year.... Sally 2012

I just wanted to thank you for your time and support during the harp course. I truly enjoyed it very much and will cherish everything you taught me. I'm planning to come next year and I'll look forward to it. Dominique 2012

Thank you very much for a great junior course - Harry had a great time and the end of course concert was very good. Louise 2012

I wanted to thank you for another great harp course. Mathilde had a wonderful time with her friends and teachers, enjoyed the music making and can't wait to renew the experience. She particularly enjoyed the pop harp sessions which opened up new music opportunities for her. Laurence 2012

Emily really enjoyed the course indeed! Please reserve her a space for the next 3 years! Louisa 2012

Thank you for inviting me to teach and perform on the course this year, I had a brilliant time. In fact, I wish I was 14 again so I could come along to participate for the next 4 summers! Keziah 2012

Once again many thanks to you and your team for providing an enriching and fun course for Lily. Well done to you all Lily looks forward to attending again in 2012. Tony 2011

Many thanks for the harp course - Aimee really enjoyed it. Christine 2011 much Catherine enjoyed the teenage harp course this summer. She had a really good time and learned a lot. Both the conductor and string tutor commented on how much she had 'come on' over the summer. Needless to say she would like to come back next year. Jo 2011

Once again, Mathilde had a wonderful time and hopes to join you next year. Laurence 2011

Once again a very big thank you for a wonderful and inspiring week for Eva. Christine 2011

Idris really enjoyed his stay at Millfield and learning the harp with you and the group. Thank you for all your hard work. Rosie 2011

Thank you for everything did to make Myfanwy so comfortable and happy during your August harp course. Even now she talks about the fun she had and most definitely learnt loads.  Lucy

On behalf of my daughter Lily, may I say a big thank you to you and your team for the care, experience and fun that you provided for Lily during last week’s course. Tony

Thanks for the wonderful course – Abigail came home inspired and was spending 5-6 hours on the harp! Caroline

I wanted to say thank you for giving the girls such a wonderful time! I know Mathilde greatly enjoyed those few days and only wished it would last longer! Laurence

I wanted to let you know that Aibhne had the most fantastic time on the course, she informed me she is coming again next year! Ruth

Imogen really benefited from last year's course, and the individual attention helped her gain a Distinction in her Grade 6 last term! Sandra