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Bow Brand String MakersBow Brand manufactures harps strings for export to Asia, North and South America, Australia, China, Africa and Europe - in fact worldwide harpists and harp manufacturers use Bow Brand strings.

We supply gut, wire and nylon strings to Lyon & Healy harps, the oldest harp manufacturers in America, and to Salvi Harps in Italy. We also manufacture early music strings for baroque instruments.

Excellent customer relationships built on comprehensive service provision, dedicated R&D facilities, flexibility, technical innovation and affordable prices are at the heart of our business. Our industry expertise, commitment to quality and individual service allow us to provide the support and confidence you need to continually improve your performance.

Our philosophy is simple - your success is our success!

Bow Brand has been producing natural gut strings for the music industry for over 100 years.

Of course, things are done differently now - but the basic principles of manufacture have remained unaltered since the early days of string making.  Although much has changed over the years with advances in chemical technology and the introduction of new machinery, the craft still relies heavily on manual expertise.

Our manufacturing processes depend on a fine balance of automated production and skilled craftsmanship, guaranteeing that every string leaving the Bow Brand factory has been given the best individual care and attention that a gut string needs to make it a market leader!  That’s why we have built up a reputation as one of the world's leading gut string manufacturers.

With 100 years expertise, we are committed to producing the finest quality natural gut string!