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Pilgrim Progress Prize awarded by Pilgrim Harps

The Malvern Pedal Harp made by Pilgrim HarpsPilgrim Harps provide the Pilgrim Progress Prize which is a voucher which can be spent on any products from Pilgrim Harps and is awarded to the student who makes the most progress on the Junior Harp Course.

Pilgrim Harps: From the day we founded Pilgrim Harps in 1980, we have been fortunate and privileged to be able to combine our passion with our daily business. Our workshops, which are converted from an old coach house, are situated in the heart of the beautiful Surrey countryside near the village of South Godstone. We like to think that something of this environment finds its way into the harps we make.   

From the start we have had two main aims: to make the harp more accessible to everyone, and to create harps tailored to each individuals specific needs to suit performer, teacher or student. 

Harp making is an art that has been practiced and refined over thousands of years.  Our craft is a continuation of this ancient tradition; one which we carry out today with the highest environmental consideration, taking a careful and responsible approach to the materials we use.

Pilgrim Harps blueprint for creating the very finest harps involves striving towards three fundamentals flawless design, perfect materials and immaculate craftsmanship. We gain enormous satisfaction from producing handcrafted instruments using exceptional materials, and we continually search for and test out the slightest improvements that can be made. 
Creating harps that look very beautiful is an integral part of our approach to harp making, but ultimately it is the harp's sound that is of paramount importance. The elements of sound that we pay special attention to are the richness and depth of tone; subtlety in dynamics and timbre; and clarity, projection and power.  Before it is finished, each harp is tested out by one of our specialist harpists. They scrutinise every aspect of the harps performance, checking for accuracy of intonation and regulation.