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2013 Junior Harp Course Sponsored by Salvi Harps

Salvi Minerva HarpSalvi Harps
- The first Salvi harp was designed and assembled in a small New York workshop in 1955. At the time Victor Salvi was already a well-established harpist, playing for the New York Philharmonic and the NBC Orchestra under the leadership of Maestro Arturo Toscanini.

The Salvi family originated from Viggiano, a small town in the South of Italy. This region is famous for the construction of harps.  At the beginning of the First World War the family emigrated from Italy to the USA. On the 4th March 1920 Victor Salvi was born in Chicago. 

Aida Salvi, Victor’s elder sister was a professional harpist with the Chicago Opera house. She taught him to play the harp. Victor was also drawn to the instrument by his father Rodolfo Salvi an instrument maker and, also his brother Alberto Salvi who was a professional harpist and described by Nicanor Zabaleta  as “the greatest harpist of all time”

In 1955 Victor’s life long ambition came true when he joined two of his childhood dreams together. The harp and the traditional expertise of crafting instruments. Helped by various craftsmen Victor created the first Salvi prototype harp. The mission was to create a unique instrument capable of the greatest sound quality and projection. Many years of study and researching new techniques had gone into the creation of a Salvi Harp. Two years after creating the first instrument, Victor returned to his homeland of Italy.

Harpists became intrigued by rumours of the unique Salvi harp and so their curiosity grew and many travelled to the beautiful Villa Maria, near Genoa in Italy to experience and delight in this new wonder. Many of the original Salvi harps are still in use today.

From the very beginning, the Salvi harp has established itself as an instrument of superior sound, quality and reliability. An increased demand from many renowned harpists throughout the world encouraged Victor to expand the factory and relocate to Piasco, a village nestled in the rolling hills of northern Italy. This region is famous for its expertise in traditional wood work which dates back to the middle ages. Victor saw the benefits of such tradition in his craft and brought locals in to enhance his product. Each harp is still made by these highly trained craftsmen, each instrument being individually sculpted by hand using traditional methods. 

Salvi Harps is the result of the passion of a great musician and to this day is still run and managed with the same enthusiasm that led Victor Salvi to create the first harp during the 1950s. This same passion keeps leading the creativity and quality of Salvi harps which encourages craftsmen and researchers to work side by side in combining tradition and technology in order to create harps of an exceptional class.

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